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Malaria Update


Public Health England has reported three cases of malaria amongst UK residents who all travelled to a resort in Ayios Amvrosios in the Esentepe area of the Northern part of Cyprus. Esentepe is east of Kyrenia.
It has not yet been proven if they caught the illness in the Northern part of Cyprus or elsewhere. The last locally recorded cases of malaria in Cyprus were in 1967.

International, UK, and Cypriot Government experts are continuing to clarify the situation and the Joint Services Health Unit will monitor their findings.

It is important to note that there no other areas of concern on the island. This includes the Akrotiri Salt lake and its surroundings.

In the interim, all visitors to the coastline of the Northern part of Cyprus should adopt the following anti-mosquito bite measures:

  • ·         Ensure that your garments are suitable for protecting as much of the body as possible (long sleeves and long trousers). Particularly when outside on an evening or early morning.

  • ·         Use an insect repellents on all exposed skin that contains an approved active repellent substance such as DEET.  Re-apply as per the manufacturers direction.

  • ·         Anyone who develops a fever like illness or shivering within 4 weeks of travelling to the Northern part of Cyprus  should report it to their local medical centre and inform the Medical Staff that they have recently travelled to Northern part of Cyprus.

  • ·         All personnel are reminded that healthcare in the Northern part of Cyprus is not covered by BFC, the Cyprus government or an EHIC card.  All travel to northern part of Cyprus is to be covered by appropriate health insurance at personal expense.

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Mail Delivery Delays


1.         Due to the on-going relief efforts in the Caribbean, airfreight capacity to BFC has temporarily been reduced. As a result air mail deliveries will be affected.  Current mail in the system is expected to experience a delay of at least 7 days.

2.         In accordance with BFPO policy, all items greater than 2KG and larger than a standard shoe box will be delivered by ships to and from the UK and not by air.  Customers are to note that shipment can take 14-28 days.

3.         BFC will continue to liaise closely with BFPO and DSCOM in order to seek maximum mail capacity at every opportunity and will continue to provide updates when possible.   Any questions should be directed to local BFPOs in the first instance.

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Poppy Ball

*All local drinks are included in the price*

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

SFA - Occupants Installing Encroachments Without Permission

All occupants are to be reminded that SFA is MOD propertyAll occupants (military and civilian) must obtain permission to install an encroachment in their SFA such as air conditioning. In general, permission will not be granted to install permanent encroachments such as patios as the MOD does not have funding to repair or remove structures when they fail.
The Licence to Occupy Agreement, states that you are not to:
Erect a TV,satelliteor othecommunicationsaeriaor shedor structure othpropertyormakeanyotheralteratiooradditiontthpropertyorthefixtures ofittingwithouttheprior writtenconsentofthe[SFAsponsors localHousingStaffs].
Written consent can be obtained by following the BFC approved Third Party Works (TPW) process, as detailed in SOP 2001 - Estates and Infra Policy and Guidance.
SFA occupants should be aware that using unlicensed tradesmen may present health and safety risks to their families such as exposure to asbestos fibres and fire hazards. If occupants install encroachments without permission, they will be required to retrospectively complete a TPW application requesting Interserve to inspect the encroachment and fund either:
a.    Removal of the encroachment and any reparations required to make good the surrounding area if Interserve deem the encroachment unsafe.
b.    The life maintenance and annual inspection of the encroachment (including funding any repairs that arise to make safe).
SFA occupants should also note that the Licence to Occupy will be revoked for occupants who repeatedly install encroachments without permission. If a licence is revoked, the occupant and family would be required to vacate the SFA and BFC would not be responsible to provide accommodation, schooling, medical care and access to BFC sites/facilities for the dependants in Cyprus.  The entitled person would be allocated Single Living Accommodation.
(Sponsor: HQ BFC Estes SO2 Date: 13 Jul 17)

First Time Applications For Dependency (Status Stamp)

ALL first time applications for Dependency (Status Stamp) must be submitted through the Families Section, Abbeywood.  Full details can be found within the BFC Arrivals guide on the BFC Intranet Page and on the website.
SBA Fiscal cannot issue first time stamps.
For non-British Citizens, it is advised that individuals transit via UK.  This will ensure that their citizenship clock starts ticking. BFC SO19/AFF Website can provide more detail on this.

Monday, 24 July 2017

Out Of Bounds Area Paphos


Paphos Bar Street is Out of Bounds to all BFC miltary personnel with effect from 1700 hrs 21 Jul 17 until 0900 hrs 24 Jul 17.

The Cyprus Joint Police Unit (CJPU) will be actively policing this restriction.

The restriction has been imposed due to an increased likelihood that BFC military personnel frequenting Paphos Bar Street are at risk of serious injury as a result of violent disorder during the period of restriction. 

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DHK Services Sailing Club

Post Office Opening Hours Changes

Post Office Opening Hours Changes:

The following will be changed WEF 30 Jun 17;

1. Last working day of the month –  
FPO Counters will be closed completely.

   2.  First working day of the month – 
FPO58 Counter opens at 1000hrs  and FPO 59  Counter at (JSSU) Ayios Nikolaos opens at 1100hrs.

Please note that if / when the last working day of the month is a Friday – the Post Office will not be open on the Saturday.

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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Visitors Notice

Childcare Choices

For more information on Tax Free Childcare then please visit the website:

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Changes to Chip and Pin withdrawls at BFPO's

Changes to chip and pin withdrawals from BFPO Post Offices
From the 1 May 2017 the maximum monthly withdrawal from BFPO Post Offices will be limited to £1000 per month per entitled customer.    
From 1 May, there will be changes to the amounts Foreign Post Office (FPO) customers can withdraw using the chip and pin facility.
What does this mean?
If you are an entitled user of FPO services, from 1 May you will be able to withdraw no more than £250.00 per day, with a maximum withdrawal limit of £1,000 per month.

If you need to withdraw cash in an emergency above the set limits, you should contact your Local Welfare Team, who will seek approval from your Local Commander. Decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis.

There is a range of financial services available to service personnel and their dependents, MOD civilians and entitled MOD contractors serving overseas. These include local banks, local cash machines and on-base facilities.
If you have access to a local bank, this would be the best way to withdraw cash in amounts greater than the limit. Service customers are able to pay in all or part of their salaries into a local bank account. The Local Overseas Allowance (LOA) is paid, in part, to help meet the extra cost of using a local bank account.
If you are without access to local banking facilities or FPOs, you will still be able to use on-base financial services provided by Regimental Admin Offices.
HQ BFC recommend that all personnel stationed within BFC maintain a Cypriot bank account and HQ BFC J1  release a monthly guide showing the financial benefits that can be accrued:

a.            €850.00 is the Total loss for the Year 2016 if you are using the Post Office for your cash withdrawals (based on £2,500.00 each month) compared to having your pay, paid into a Cypriot bank account.

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