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Tuesday, 5 December 2017

BFC Code Of Conduct and Cypriot Car Dealerships

The following Cypriot Car Dealerships will abide by the code of conduct stipulated below when dealing with British Servicemen and women, their dependants and UK based Civilians stationed on the Island of Cyprus:

·         Elite Motors Ltd
·         F & A Key Cars Ltd
·         Flamingo Motor Agency Ltd
·         Phivos Motors
·         Premier Cars Ltd
·         Sam’s Motors Ltd
·         Andy’s Motors Ltd

In order to remain compliant with the BFC code of conduct, the car dealerships must ensure the following:

AFF Survey

To take our survey and share your experience, click here.

Know someone else who should take this survey? Share it, and help us to involve as many families as possible to strengthen our evidence.

(This is open to all service personnel and their families)

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

ESBA Military Wives Choir Pledge

Help ESBA Military Wives Choir to remember them
ESBA Military Wives Choir is looking to take part in the release of a new album to commemorate the centenary of the end of World War 1, singing alongside 73 other Military Wives Choirs across the UK and overseas, but they need support to make it happen.
Fierce heroism from the troops at the Front in 1914 was matched by the country's women who raised children alone, nursed, and worked tirelessly despite the loss of loved ones. The Military Wives Choirs are stepping up to tell the story of these women like no one else can, as it is theirs.
Through the site Pledge Music, choir members are asking the public to pre-order the album now to allow them to get into the recording studio early next year. The commemorative album will feature four brand new songs written specially for the Military Wives Choirs by prestigious composers in the pop, film and classical worlds around the themes of remembrance, patriotism and military life, as well as music from past and present referencing World War 1 marching songs and iconic service marches.
With over 70 choirs in British military bases across the UK and overseas, the Military Wives Choirs is a charity that brings women in the military community together through singing. Being part of a Military Wives Choir makes a positive difference to women's lives by improving well-being, building friendships and developing skills.
To support the ESBA Military Wives Choir in this project, visit If pledgers select to pay by card, no money will be taken until the album is released next year.
Further information on how to pledge or join our choir can be found:
Facebook: ESBA Cyprus Military Wives Choir

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Sodexo Helpdesk

Mail Delivery Delays


1.         Due to the on-going relief efforts in the Caribbean, airfreight capacity to BFC has temporarily been reduced. As a result air mail deliveries will be affected.  Current mail in the system is expected to experience a delay of at least 7 days.

2.         In accordance with BFPO policy, all items greater than 2KG and larger than a standard shoe box will be delivered by ships to and from the UK and not by air.  Customers are to note that shipment can take 14-28 days.

3.         BFC will continue to liaise closely with BFPO and DSCOM in order to seek maximum mail capacity at every opportunity and will continue to provide updates when possible.   Any questions should be directed to local BFPOs in the first instance.

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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

SFA - Occupants Installing Encroachments Without Permission

All occupants are to be reminded that SFA is MOD propertyAll occupants (military and civilian) must obtain permission to install an encroachment in their SFA such as air conditioning. In general, permission will not be granted to install permanent encroachments such as patios as the MOD does not have funding to repair or remove structures when they fail.
The Licence to Occupy Agreement, states that you are not to:
Erect a TV,satelliteor othecommunicationsaeriaor shedor structure othpropertyormakeanyotheralteratiooradditiontthpropertyorthefixtures ofittingwithouttheprior writtenconsentofthe[SFAsponsors localHousingStaffs].
Written consent can be obtained by following the BFC approved Third Party Works (TPW) process, as detailed in SOP 2001 - Estates and Infra Policy and Guidance.
SFA occupants should be aware that using unlicensed tradesmen may present health and safety risks to their families such as exposure to asbestos fibres and fire hazards. If occupants install encroachments without permission, they will be required to retrospectively complete a TPW application requesting Interserve to inspect the encroachment and fund either:
a.    Removal of the encroachment and any reparations required to make good the surrounding area if Interserve deem the encroachment unsafe.
b.    The life maintenance and annual inspection of the encroachment (including funding any repairs that arise to make safe).
SFA occupants should also note that the Licence to Occupy will be revoked for occupants who repeatedly install encroachments without permission. If a licence is revoked, the occupant and family would be required to vacate the SFA and BFC would not be responsible to provide accommodation, schooling, medical care and access to BFC sites/facilities for the dependants in Cyprus.  The entitled person would be allocated Single Living Accommodation.
(Sponsor: HQ BFC Estes SO2 Date: 13 Jul 17)

First Time Applications For Dependency (Status Stamp)

ALL first time applications for Dependency (Status Stamp) must be submitted through the Families Section, Abbeywood.  Full details can be found within the BFC Arrivals guide on the BFC Intranet Page and on the website.
SBA Fiscal cannot issue first time stamps.
For non-British Citizens, it is advised that individuals transit via UK.  This will ensure that their citizenship clock starts ticking. BFC SO19/AFF Website can provide more detail on this.

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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

DHK Services Sailing Club

Post Office Opening Hours Changes

Post Office Opening Hours Changes:

The following will be changed WEF 30 Jun 17;

1. Last working day of the month –  
FPO Counters will be closed completely.

   2.  First working day of the month – 
FPO58 Counter opens at 1000hrs  and FPO 59  Counter at (JSSU) Ayios Nikolaos opens at 1100hrs.

Please note that if / when the last working day of the month is a Friday – the Post Office will not be open on the Saturday.

Entertainer App Promotion

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Visitors Notice

Childcare Choices

For more information on Tax Free Childcare then please visit the website:

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