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Friday, 31 May 2019

HIVE temporary open times

Due to maternity leave the HIVE at Ay Nik will only be open on a Tuesday 0800-1300

Until further notice.

Thursday, 30 May 2019



BFBS Big Salute Open for Grant Applications

The BFBS Big Salute fundraising campaign is inviting forces charities to apply for project-based grants.

Nicky Ness, Director of Forces Broadcasting and Entertainment, said: “We are keen to hear from armed forces charities who find it a challenge to secure funds for specific projects.

“We offer grants of up to £10k and have seen how Big Salute funds can make a huge difference to all areas of the forces community, from cadets to serving personnel, veterans and their families.”

Nine of the charities that applied for Big Salute grants last year have just been awarded funds for a diverse range of projects, they are: Building Heroes, Bournemouth Memorial Homes, Clervaux Trust, AF & V Launchpad Ltd, Our Wilton Trust, Royal Air Forces Association, Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity, Scotty's Little Soldiers, and Winchester Sea Cadets.

Full details about how to apply for the next round of funding is online www.bigsalute.com where charities can complete an application form.

The deadline for applications is 31st July 2019.

Thursday, 23 May 2019

AFF Army&You Summer 2019 ed - with iHIVE article

The summer edition of Army&You is out now, in print and online:  http://bit.ly/AYsummer19 

Monday, 20 May 2019

RGR Anniversary raffle

2019 is the 25th anniversary of the formation of the Royal Gurkha Rifles (RGR). The RGR were formed in 1994 when our antecedent regiments (2GR, 6GR, 7GR and 10GR) were amalgamated to form 1RGR, 2RGR and 3RGR.

The RGR 25 Raffle is a fundraising effort for the RGR Regimental Trust which is a fund that supports serving personnel, our veterans, personnel that have been injured on recent operational tours and our families.

The RGR 25 raffle website enables everyone to play, from anywhere in the world. The prizes will hopefully appeal to individuals, couples and families. Tickets cost £10 each but there is a special offer of 10 tickets for £50. Participants must be over 18 years old. For prizes with a validity dates (for example the week stay for up to 9 people in a chateau in south west France) we have worked hard to ensure the validity dates goes out as far as possible. This is to encourage participation from those not currently close to the UK but hopefully they will find the time to still enjoy the prize.

A full list of the RGR 25 raffle prizes and raffle information is on the website Click Here

To listen to the audio file of a radio interview that went out earlier this week on BFBS Gurkha radio please click here

AFC Fund's Removing Barriers to Family Life

The Armed Forces Covenant Fund's new funding programme 'Removing Barriers to Family Life' is targeting new and existing projects which deliver support to young people with additional needs and special education needs and young people with disabilities.

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Discover My Benefits

More information and a video can be found by clicking HERE.

BFPO update on delayed mail

•             BFPO are pleased to announce that the mail, delayed due to unforeseen circumstances at RAF Brize                         Norton, is currently being reallocated to flights for delivery as soon as possible. Please accept our                          apologies for this delay.  
•             Notwithstanding any exceptional circumstances, all mail is expected to be dispatched by 18 May 2019.
•             Customers who wish to submit compensation claims should now begin this process by contacting the                     BFPO Enquiries Helpdesk bfpoenquiries@gmail.com.  Whilst, BFPO do not usually compensate                              customers for delay, as we do not offer a timed service, please be assured that BFPO will assess any                        claims on a case-by-case basis.
•             Customers affected are advised to provide proof of purchase/invoices and posting to support any claim.
​•             BFPO, and the MOD, takes the welfare of our Armed Forces extremely seriously. We remain committed                  to ensuring that those deployed can keep in touch with their families and friends.

This information was provided by BFPO HQ

Monday, 13 May 2019

Launch of MoD Education Support Fund

Launch of the 2020 MOD Education Support Fund (ESF)

 In light of the ongoing drawdown from Germany and to provide time for the educational authorities across the UK to bring in longer-term provision for Service children as necessary, the Secretary of State for Defence in July 2018 announced the extension of the ESF for an additional two years - £3 million in 2018/19 and £2 million in 2019/20. 

Out of 224 applications received, requesting just short of £10 million, the 2019 ESF awarded £3 million to 76 successful applicants with funding directly benefitting approx 25,000 Service children across the UK.

The bidding round for the 2020 ESF opens on Monday 3 June 2019 and applicants have until 1200hrs on Monday 30 September 2019 to submit their application. Late applications cannot be considered.

Applications from England, Scotland and Wales should be forwarded to:

Applications from Northern Ireland should be forwarded to:

Hand written, incomplete and postal applications cannot be accepted.

Directorate Children and Young People (DCYP), which is the MOD’s professional focal point for all matters relating to children and young people associated with the Armed Forces, are the lead organisation administering and supporting the fund.
The ESF is open to publicly funded schools, Academies and Free Schools in the UK attended by Service children, where schools have to mitigate the effects on those Service children whose parents are subject to frequent mobility/deployment. Applications from Local Authorities in support of these schools can also be accepted.

The 2020 application pack, including the application form and full instructions and guidance, can be found at gov.uk:

A PDF poster that can be used on noticeboards, in newsletters etc is attached. Service parents are encouraged to raise awareness of the ESF at their child’s school.

For further queries please contact: DCYP-MOD-ESF-Mailbox@mod.gov.uk.

Gambling - Transition Information Sheet number 14

 This information sheet seeks to highlight how ingrained and accessible gambling has become in society, and how service personnel (SP) are potentially more vulnerable and at greater risk to the harm that can result from gambling than the general public. This note will not tell you not to gamble but it will highlight the statistical fact that ‘the house always wins’ in the end.

Click HERE for the full article

SEND support for families

My child has SEND.  We’re moving back to UK…Help!
Moving back to the UK from your overseas posting can leave you with mixed emotions.  However, when you have children with SEND this can leave you with additional worries and anxieties.  Below are some common questions asked by parents who have children with SEND moving back.  To help ease your concerns, we have asked DCYP Assistant Head SEND Services, Anna Vrahimi to answer your questions.

1.       Will my child’s SEND support and provision be replicated when we move back to the UK?
There are four nations in the UK and over 400 local authorities in England alone.  Each area will have different resources available to them.  It may not be possible to have the exact replication of support and provision when you are between any school in the UK and the same is true when children move back from overseas.  Even though support may not look the same, it may be very similar but delivered in a different way.  Each school and local authority in England will have their SEND Offer available on their websites.  Take some time to look at these to get an understanding of what is available to meet your child’s specific needs.

2.       My child has a SCAN (Service Children’s Assessment of Need) in their MOD School.  Does that mean they will automatically get an EHCP?  Will they receive 1:1 support?
At DCYP we have been working very closely with local authorities and agreeing processes and procedures for children moving back with a SCAN. Let your child’s SENDCO know which local authority you are moving to and they will contact the SEND Team there.  An EHCP only exists in England.  In Wales, Scotland and Ireland they will have a different name.  The SCAN is only available in MOD Schools and does not guarantee that this will be transferred directly into an ECHP and does not mean they will receive 1:1 support.  It does however give comprehensive information about your child, what they need to be successful in school and will have all the professional assessments. 

3.       My child is used to small class sizes.  How will they cope in larger class sizes with less adults?
Having larger class sizes should not be seen as a disadvantage.  There are many advantages including opportunities for more group work where children can learn to problem solve together, more activity options and it encourages independence in learning.  Research also shows that classrooms who have additional adults do not outperform those classrooms with no additional adult support. There are also children who simply cope better by not constantly being in the spotlight and work better when being part of a larger group.  Larger class sizes also benefits children’s social interactions, where children have more experiences to interact with a wider range of individuals, which then better prepares them for adult life.  Some children could become over-reliant on the additional adults in the classroom and it’s important we teach our children to be independent and problem solvers.  In MOD Schools, there are still classrooms with up to 30 children.  They are not all small as is a common belief.
4.       How do I find a school that will support my child’s SEND needs?
It is your responsibility as a parent to find a school for your child.  Find out which schools will be in the catchment area of your house address.  This information will be available on the local authority websites.  My advice to parents is to look at the SEND Offer on the school websites.  Phone the SENDCO of the school and have a chat.  If you have the opportunity to go and visit the schools, this is also a good idea.  Talk about your child’s needs and ask them how their school can support your child.  As a parent, you will know your child best and you will know which school best suits your child.