Wednesday, 8 November 2017

HIVE Closure

The HIVE will be closed from 
Wednesday 15th November 
Wednesday 22nd 

The HIVE will reopen as usual on 
Thursday 23rd November 0800

For up to date information check the HIVE blog 
Contact Dhekelia HIVE on 2474 4551

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Malaria Update


Public Health England has reported three cases of malaria amongst UK residents who all travelled to a resort in Ayios Amvrosios in the Esentepe area of the Northern part of Cyprus. Esentepe is east of Kyrenia.
It has not yet been proven if they caught the illness in the Northern part of Cyprus or elsewhere. The last locally recorded cases of malaria in Cyprus were in 1967.

International, UK, and Cypriot Government experts are continuing to clarify the situation and the Joint Services Health Unit will monitor their findings.

It is important to note that there no other areas of concern on the island. This includes the Akrotiri Salt lake and its surroundings.

In the interim, all visitors to the coastline of the Northern part of Cyprus should adopt the following anti-mosquito bite measures:

  • ·         Ensure that your garments are suitable for protecting as much of the body as possible (long sleeves and long trousers). Particularly when outside on an evening or early morning.

  • ·         Use an insect repellents on all exposed skin that contains an approved active repellent substance such as DEET.  Re-apply as per the manufacturers direction.

  • ·         Anyone who develops a fever like illness or shivering within 4 weeks of travelling to the Northern part of Cyprus  should report it to their local medical centre and inform the Medical Staff that they have recently travelled to Northern part of Cyprus.

  • ·         All personnel are reminded that healthcare in the Northern part of Cyprus is not covered by BFC, the Cyprus government or an EHIC card.  All travel to northern part of Cyprus is to be covered by appropriate health insurance at personal expense.

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