Thursday, 18 January 2018

National Insurance Credits

If you’ve spent time accompanying your soldier on an overseas posting anytime since 1975, you could be entitled to National Insurance credits. However, since the introduction of these credits, AFF is aware that many spouses have not taken advantage of this opportunity to fill any gaps they may have in their record.

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BFC Code Of Conduct and Cypriot Car Dealerships

The following Cypriot Car Dealerships will abide by the code of conduct stipulated below when dealing with British Servicemen and women, their dependants and UK based Civilians stationed on the Island of Cyprus:

·         Elite Motors Ltd
·         F & A Key Cars Ltd
·         Flamingo Motor Agency Ltd
·         Phivos Motors
·         Premier Cars Ltd
·         Sam’s Motors Ltd
·         Andy’s Motors Ltd

In order to remain compliant with the BFC code of conduct, the car dealerships must ensure the following:

AFF Survey

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