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Local Overseas Allowance Review Team Presentations

The aim of Local Overseas Allowance (LOA) is to contribute towards the necessary additional local cost of day-to-day living, when Service personnel are required to serve overseas. The LOA Review Team will be visiting British Forces Cyprus between the 18th and 22nd of September. As part of their visit they will be providing presentations on how LOA is calculated. The presentations will be an hour long with a further 30 minutes for questions. Everyone is invited to attend. The details of the presentations are as follows:

Mon 18 Sep 17 - 0945hrs
Episkopi Station – Epi Centre (In Dodge City)

Tue 19 Sep 17
0900hrs & 1400hrs
RAF Akrotiri – Force Development Learning Centre (Next to the yellow helicopter)

Thu 21 Sep 17 - 1100hrs
Dhekelia Station – Station Cinema

Press Release - Families Federations seek vital transition feedback from military families

Press release – 5 September 2017
Families Federations seek vital transition feedback from military families

The Naval, Army and RAF Families Federations have today launched their joint Transition Survey.

The federations are inviting military families to take part in sharing their views and experiences to help make a difference to Forces families.

Focus on Transition
The survey focusses on transition out of the Armed Forces and will target those families who have either left the Forces in the last two years, or are due to leave before September 2019.

It will cover all aspects of the transition process including reasons for leaving, and the effect this has on the family of the serving person. They’ll also be asking families to tell them what they find to be the most challenging aspect of transition.

Families’ feedback is vital
AFF Chief Executive Sara Baade said, “Our tri-Service Transition Survey, the biggest and most in-depth survey of the year, is a really important way for families to interact with us and give us a current reflection of the issues facing our unique community.

As well as asking for families’ experiences, we’ll be asking them to share their ideas about how the transition process can be improved. Their opinions are vital in informing our future work and success.”

Get involved

For those who are leaving: click here to take the survey.

For those that have left: click here to take the survey.

All those who take part will be entered into a free prize draw to win one of three HP tablets courtesy of DXC technology.

K1MAN 7th October 2017

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Poppy Ball

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ESBA Community Learning Programme


SFA - Occupants Installing Encroachments Without Permission

All occupants are to be reminded that SFA is MOD propertyAll occupants (military and civilian) must obtain permission to install an encroachment in their SFA such as air conditioning. In general, permission will not be granted to install permanent encroachments such as patios as the MOD does not have funding to repair or remove structures when they fail.
The Licence to Occupy Agreement, states that you are not to:
Erect a TV,satelliteor othecommunicationsaeriaor shedor structure othpropertyormakeanyotheralteratiooradditiontthpropertyorthefixtures ofittingwithouttheprior writtenconsentofthe[SFAsponsors localHousingStaffs].
Written consent can be obtained by following the BFC approved Third Party Works (TPW) process, as detailed in SOP 2001 - Estates and Infra Policy and Guidance.
SFA occupants should be aware that using unlicensed tradesmen may present health and safety risks to their families such as exposure to asbestos fibres and fire hazards. If occupants install encroachments without permission, they will be required to retrospectively complete a TPW application requesting Interserve to inspect the encroachment and fund either:
a.    Removal of the encroachment and any reparations required to make good the surrounding area if Interserve deem the encroachment unsafe.
b.    The life maintenance and annual inspection of the encroachment (including funding any repairs that arise to make safe).
SFA occupants should also note that the Licence to Occupy will be revoked for occupants who repeatedly install encroachments without permission. If a licence is revoked, the occupant and family would be required to vacate the SFA and BFC would not be responsible to provide accommodation, schooling, medical care and access to BFC sites/facilities for the dependants in Cyprus.  The entitled person would be allocated Single Living Accommodation.
(Sponsor: HQ BFC Estes SO2 Date: 13 Jul 17)

First Time Applications For Dependency (Status Stamp)

ALL first time applications for Dependency (Status Stamp) must be submitted through the Families Section, Abbeywood.  Full details can be found within the BFC Arrivals guide on the BFC Intranet Page and on the GOV.uk website.
SBA Fiscal cannot issue first time stamps.
For non-British Citizens, it is advised that individuals transit via UK.  This will ensure that their citizenship clock starts ticking. BFC SO19/AFF Website can provide more detail on this.